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Department Contact Details

Contact Details:

Executive Director Tala Badri talabadri@cmadubai.com
Operations Manager Sheba George sheba@cmadubai.com
Schools Manager Brian Cunningham brian@cmadubai.com
Schools Admin (8.30-12.30 Sun-Thu) Sara Ingham 056 766 6527
Ensembles & Theory Manager Neil Cuthbertson neil@cmadubai.com
Workshops Manager Jennifer Cuthbertson workshops@cmadubai.com
Communication & Events Manager Michelle Spencer communications@cmadubai.com
Accounts Manager Lauro Sembrano accounts@cmadubai.com
General Information   enquiries@cmadubai.com
Telephone   +971 4 341 8872

Job Vacancy

We are hiring! More information can be found at the 'Careers' tab at the top of the home page.

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Nov 18, 2017

Dubomedy Mix Tape

Upcoming Events

Nov 19, 2017

Dubai Chamber Choir Rehearsals

Nov 21, 2017

Dubai Wind Band Rehearsals

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