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Theory Classes

Term 2 - January 2018

Current Theory Classes will resume from Saturday, 6th January

The next course begins on 17th/18th February - registrations are open now!


We are delighted to announce that our Saturday Theory Classes (excluding Grade 6) will be held at Kings' School Dubai! Please click for full location and schedule details. 


Studying Music Theory is an important part of learning any instrument. From learning to read notes on the stave at the earliest stages through to analysing Bach chorales, developing a strong understanding of theory will enhance practical instrumental skills by giving a greater understanding of music performed and ensure that students are well equipped to get the best from their music lessons.

To join one of our Theory Classes or to find out more information please get in touch with us. Students registering for theory classes will be asked to complete a short assessment to ensure they are placed at the correct level. 
Email: theory@cmadubai.com
Phone: 04 341 8872

Grades 1-4 Music Theory

 At the early grades we offer separate classes at each level. Each class runs as a fixed-length course that students complete before moving to the next level. These classes help build a solid foundation through group activities and exercises, and are a vital stepping-stone on the way to achieving Grade 5 Music Theory. Students will gain a greater comprehension of keys, rhythms and terminology amongst other concepts. 

Saturday, 12-1pm @Kings' School Dubai

Sunday, 5.30-6.30pm; @CMA in the Gold & Diamond Park

AED 860 (17 classes)

Grade 1 Tutors: Crosby Barrett (Saturday); Natalia Vaskinova (Sunday)

Grade 2 Tutor: Christian Wood (Saturday & Sunday)

Grade 3 Tutors: Neil Cuthbertson (Saturday)Angharad Maxwell (Sunday)

Grade 4 Tutors: Jonathan Barrett (Saturday); Simon Lam (Sunday)


Grade 5 Music Theory

This course is designed especially for those who wish to sit their ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory exam. There are two courses per year, leading up to each of the exam dates. All topics from the Grade 5 syllabus will be covered, as well as revision tips for the exam. Students are required to have a good knowledge of Grade 4 concepts before being accepted to the course.

Saturday, 10-11am @Kings' School Dubai

Sunday, 6.45-7.45pm @CMA in the Gold & Diamond Park

AED 860 (17 classes)

Tutor: Neil Cuthbertson (Saturday); Angharad Maxwell (Sunday)


Grade 6 Music Theory

This class builds on the concepts that students have learned in the earlier Grades and applies them in creative contexts. Upon completing this students will have a good grounding in composing short melodies, four-part harmony, figured bass and score reading. This is particularly recommended for students taking GCSE or A Level / IB Music (or similiar); as well as for students who simply want to develop their understanding of how music works.

Saturday, 1.15-2.15pm @CMA in the Gold & Diamond Park

AED 860 (17 classes: Please note that the complete Grade 6 syllabus will be covered over two 17 week courses, September - June. It is expected that students complete the full year.)

Tutor: Asaad Hamzy 


All listed prices are inclusive of 5% VAT

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