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Terms & Conditions

CMA Ensembles & Classes
updated 19th November  2016
New Students
  • Fees should be paid in full, along with a completed registration form, before the second session.
  • Once term has begun, entry will be at the discretion of the Manager – Ensembles & Theory Classes.
  • Students are charged from the first session attended.
  • Theory students are required to complete an assessment to ensure they are placed in the correct class.
Returning Students
  • When registration opens for a new term returning students will have one week to secure their place with payment. Unsecured places will then be offered to students on our waiting list.
  • All fees should be paid in full before the first session, though please note after the deadline above there will be no priority over new students.
  • Returning students will be charged for the full term, including in the event of an absence at the first session.
Refunds & Value Bundles
  • There are no refunds for withdrawal mid-term or for absences.
  • Value Bundles are only valid on the full term fees, not pro-rated fees.
  • Value Bundle savings are only applicable to Ensemble and Theory Class fees, not Lesson fees.
  • Attendance is expected at every session; though if absence is unavoidable the teacher should be informed in advance either directly or via email to ensembles@cmadubai.com / theory@cmadubai.com.
  • Sessions missed will not be re-arranged or made up.
Photography & Video Consent
  • Rehearsals, classes, concerts and other events may be photographed and/or videoed. Please let us know in writing to ensembles@cmadubai.com if you would not like images or videos of your child to be included on our website or social media platforms. 

Download our Terms & Conditions here.

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