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Mr. Asaad Hamzy

Profile Picture - Mr. Asaad Hamzy

Asaad Hamzy born in Russia with Russian mother and Syrian father  . He  began his musical career in Syria composing and playing solo guitar  concerts performances at the age of 14.

He joined  the Syrian Conservatoire where he has trained in many fields, joined lots of workshops with many  professors from Spain, France, Armenia, and Russia. He graduated with high score in the field of guitar, composition, theory and piano.

Asaad taught harmony and composition at the Syrian Conservatoire and was an experienced solo performer both at the Institute in Damascus, the Al Assad Library and throughout Syria. He also taught Piano and had many students from beginner to Grade 8.

He has over ten years experience in teaching guitar , piano and theory at schools throughout the Middle East, he developed many methods to help student start playing guitar in solo or groups.

Asaad has many compositions for ensembles ,orchestra ,choir and opera works.  Some of his compositions has been played in the UAE, Russia and Syria.

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