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Centre for Musical Arts Policies

The Management of the Centre has the responsibility and authority to administer the centre’s programs, monitor its academic and disciplinary policies, and supervise the admission and continued registration of its students.  The following policies and procedures of the Music Centre have been established in order to assist quality and continuity of study.  All students and parents are required to abide by them. 

The Management of CMA will occasionally need to be away for recruitment and operational reasons.  We will try to keep this to an absolute minimum during term-time.


General Information:

The Centre operates for 3 terms from August to July

Our operating hours are:

o Saturday 10am-7:30pm

o Sunday-Wednesday 10am-8pm

o Thursday-Friday Open for special events and workshops

For enquiries, cancellations, and registration please call CMA Reception (04-341-8872)

You may refer to our website (www.cmadubai.com), social media applications on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, our dedicated smart phone app and occasional correspondence through email for information on term dates, fees, exams, special events, monthly newsletter, etc.  

Our fees are charged per term, not per lesson.


Our Responsibilities to you:

To provide a broad, quality musical experience which encompasses various aspects of music including (but not limited to) technique, musicianship, theory, history, performance and aural comprehension.

To communicate progress and goals with you through our communication books, email, open days and regular verbal discussion.

To start and finish lessons on time.  If a teacher informs us that they will be late arriving, we in turn will let you know.

To provide a written report for all students at the end of the academic year.


Your Responsibilities to us:

To arrive ready to start each lesson on time. (If you think you might be late, please call to let us know).

To pay fees before lessons begin each term.

To engage in regular practice habits (the lessons lose their effect and importance without regular and frequent practicing)

To regularly check the website and email correspondence for updates and upcoming events.



No form of aggression by parents or students towards CMA staff will be tolerated.  Student’s enrollment at CMA will be subject to cancellation if this occurs.


Regularly Scheduled Lessons

We are not able to carry forward lessons from one term to another or make adjustment in the fee for lessons cancelled/missed.

If you have to cancel a lesson for any reason (maximum of 1 lesson per term), please call the CMA reception. If time table allows, we will endeavour to arrange another time for you provided we are informed no less than 24 hours in advance.*

If we cancel a lesson for any reason, the specialist will make-up that lesson on a time and day that suits both parties.  

If you have a question, comment, or concern about the lesson or teacher in regards to goals, preparation, progress or practice; please contact the specialist either by speaking to them at the end of a lesson or by sending an email. Specialists will respond to written correspondence within 48 hours during the working week. (Sat-Wed)



The Registration fee is non-refundable.  

Lesson and Registration Fees are due in advance before lessons begin each term.  This ensures your timeslot with your specialist is secured/booked. Fees for the 1st term of the new Academic Year will be collected before the Centre closes for the summer holidays.

We are not able to offer refunds or reschedule lessons in the event of a public holiday being declared at short notice by the Government.

We cannot offer exchanges of fees to another ensemble, event, etc.

If you cancel your lessons for the remainder of the term a refund will only be offered if and when that timeslot has been filled by another student.

We will offer a refund for a lesson that we cancel at the end of the academic year (July; if this has not been made up by us).


Make-up Lessons

We are conscious of your busy family schedules, special occasions etc. and we will endeavour to accommodate your situation.  If the timetable allows, we will offer 1 make-up lesson during a term if you cancel a lesson at least 24 hours in advance. All specialists have a full timetable, therefore it will not always be possible to reschedule lessons. However, we will try to find an alternative time for you if possible.

If we cancel a lesson for any reason, the specialist will make-up that lesson on a time and day that suits both parties.  

If you cancel your scheduled make-up lesson for any reason the lesson will be forfeited and will not be rescheduled.  

If you have a comment, concern or suggestion, please send a mail to (enquiries@cmadubai.com).


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