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First Adventures

Term 1 - September 2017

First Adventures will resume from Sunday, 17th September 


Music Explorers

This is a great initiative for younger children who would like to take their first steps in music. Participants will learn the basics of musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm and dynamics through songs and games. Fun and active, this is a great way for children to begin their musical journey!

Age: 4-5 (Date of Birth, 1/9/12 - 31/8/13)

Sunday, 3-3.45pm; AED 410 per term (12 sessions)

Teacher: Jade Whittaker


Discovery Club

This club gives young children an introduction to learning a musical instrument in a fun and practical group situation. It will give students an understanding of the basics of music (including pitch, rhyhtm and notation) through instrument-based activities; which they will be able to take with them should they begin formal instrumental lessons at an older age.

Age: 5-6 (Date of Birth, 1/9/11 - 31/8/12)

Wednesday, 3-3.45pm; AED 410 per term (12 sessions)

Teacher: Jade Whittaker


To join our First Adventures programme or to find out more please do get in touch with us on:
Email: firstadventures@cmadubai.com
Phone: 04 341 8872

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