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First Adventures

Term 2 - January 2018

First Adventures will resume from Sunday, 7th January 


Music Explorers

This is a great initiative for younger children who would like to take their first steps in music. Areas of learning include:

  • Woodwind, Strings, Percussion and Brass families: Children will develop a deep understanding of the instruments within each orchestral family. We will use recordings, live instruments, lotto boards, free drawings and colouring. This is exposure that is so important when a child is deciding what instrument to play!
  • Musical directions: Children will begin to understand musical directions such as forte (loud) and piano (quiet) as well as more complex words such as crescendo and diminuendo.
  • Notation: Later in the year children will begin looking at notation and by the end of the year will understand crotchets, crotchet rests, quavers and more.
  • Composing: Children will also be able to compose basic rhythms using cards and be able to play these on a percussion instrument of their choice. This is a brilliant way for children to begin their musical journey.
  • Alongside this, lessons will involve lots of music and movement, percussion activities and sensory experiences. This is a great way for children to begin their musical journey!

Age: 4-5 (Date of Birth, 1/1/13 - 31/12/13)

Sunday, 3-3.45pm; AED 365 per term (10 sessions)

Teacher: Jade Whittaker


Discovery Club

This class builds on what is achieved during Music Explorers. A bit of time will be spent refreshing children’s memory on what was learned, which allows new children to join this class too. Areas of learning include:

  • Note-reading: Children will learn what a treble clef and the stave are and how these are used to read music.
  • Recorder: Children will also be given a recorder for this class so that we can begin to play pieces and use our notation knowledge!
  • Composing: Children will also begin to compose their own pieces using white boards.
  • Alongside this we will also be looking at our instrumental families and having fun with our percussion instruments! This class is the perfect introduction to taking up an instrument as the children will have a strong foundation in reading music when they leave.

Age: 5-6 (Date of Birth, 1/1/12 - 31/12/12)

Wednesday, 3-3.45pm; AED 365 per term (10 sessions)

Teacher: Jade Whittaker


To join our First Adventures programme or to find out more please do get in touch with us on:
Email: firstadventures@cmadubai.com
Phone: 04 341 8872
All listed prices are inclusive of 5% VAT

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