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ABRSM exam support

ABRSM exams are popular with our students, with many opting to sit exams at one of the twice yearly sessions. We run a selection of workshops designed to support the examination requirements and give students the opportunity for some extra practice at different aspects of their exam.

Aural Revision Workshops for ABRSM Grade 4 to 6

Students join us for a set of two revision sessions, providing in-depth coverage of the aural requirements for the grade. The group setting provides a forum for discussion and practice, allowing students to learn from one another and improve their confidence. Participants will receive a selection of resources to aid private practice and pick up some extra hints and tips from the workshop leader.

We run these workshops twice per year, ahead of the exam sessions in November and May. Participation costs AED200. To find out more, please email workshops@cmadubai.com.

Improving Scales and Sight Reading

We offer a series of these workshops for a selection of different instruments across the year Students will revise scale techniques and fingering, refresh knowledge of key signatures and pick up some extra practice tips. There will also be a chance for some extra practice at sight-reading, revising strategies and gaining advice. Please email workshops@cmadubai.com to find out more.

No Lessons - Half Term

There will be no lessons during the half term break (9-16 Feb) We recommence lessons on 17 Feb. 

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